Giving Back to the Community & Sponsorship 

Walter Findlay Ltd has been allowed to flourish in the community of Gisborne. Every business has the responsibility to ensure they are profitable to guarantee continued survival and to provide a safe and enjoyable workplace for their employees. The Directors of Walter Findlay Ltd also believe giving back to the community that enabled the company to flourish is both a responsible and moral duty. Our Flagship event where Walter Findlay Ltd ‘gives back’ is the Walter Findlay Quality Bakers of  Gisborne “Fire in the Sky” extravaganza. The company has sponsored the Fireworks event since 2002.

We support our Key Nominated Charities with donated product and sponsorship. Our Nominated Charities are:



Gisborne Mid Winter Swim


Not for Profit/Fundraising Sponsorship Program

Walter Findlay Ltd supports many community-based initiatives and fundraising events with sponsored product for clubs, sports teams and schools.

Our Sponsorship program offers premium bread at discounted rates. We are unable to donate or sponsor specialty products. Specialty products includes: milk, and or smallgood bakery items e.g. buns, bread rolls, Vogels, and stuffing mix. 

How to apply:

1. Your application will be carefully considered. You will be notified within 2 weeks of your application being approved or declined. 

2. Please ensure you apply at least Two to Three weeks prior to your event for the application to be eligible for consideration.

3. Please apply for ONLY one event/date at a time in your application.  

4. Please note that Sausages are no longer available due to product deletion.  We now offer a Premium White Toast Loaf for sponsored bread as Gizzy Bread has been discontinued. 

To be eligible for sponsored product or donation please complete our new online application form: click here to open application form - if there are any errors in the form or if the form does not fit criteria it will be declined. Please ensure you have checked the days for delivery and amounts required before submitting. 

 We are unable to provide sponsored bread on weekends or outside of Monday to Friday business hours. All Sponsorship orders must be collected from either of our offices at Grey Street Gisborne, or Edwin Fiest Place Masterton.