Vision Mission & Values

 Quality and Continuous Improvement

At Walter Findlay Ltd we have high quality standards and are committed to continuous improvement.

We have a detailed and robust Health and Safety plan in place that fulfils the government’s ACC and Work Safe regulatory requirements as the wellbeing of our people is paramount at Walter Findlay Ltd.

All of our 3 sites have HACCP based Quality Systems that meet ANZFSA Standards and are certified by SGS with a regular audit programme.  

In addition our Gisborne bakery is also certified to the Woolworths Quality Assurance (WQA) Standard.

HALAL Certification
Our Kelso site is a certified manufacturer of Halal ingredients.

Genetically Modified Policy
All of our ingredients are sourced from suppliers that have no genetically modified material and have not been produced by genetically modified organisms.

Customer Focus
It is our aim that our customers both internal and external will recognise our efforts by considering us to be their preferred supplier because our products and services have exceeded their expectations with legally compliant and quality food.